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10 Most Common Accidents Found At Construction Sites

10 Most Common Accidents Found At Construction Sites

Jun 22 2020 at 17:13

The number of people affected by construction-related accidents is rising every year. While it is impossible to foretell an accident before it happens, it is possible to use prevention methods to reduce the chances of it taking place. Such include training staff and enforcing the use of personal protective equipment, known as PPE.

To better understand the methods of prevention, it is best to understand what caused them. Here are the 10 most common accidents you can find at a construction site.

1. Scaffolding or falls from heights

This accounts for most of the severe injuries and fatalities on a construction site. Construction workers do several jobs on a construction site, including working at heights using scaffolding or ladders. It is imperative that they are taken through a work at height course for workers so that they can learn how to keep themselves safe while working at such high-risk areas. 

2. Collapsing of trenches

Trenches are typical of most construction sites. However, they pose one risk – collapsing. When a trench collapses, it could bury the worker and all the tools and machinery that hits him or her.

3. Vehicular accidents

As a construction site is usually busy, people can fail to pay attention to their entire environment. In addition to the noise generated, it can be difficult to be aware at all times. With most construction sites located near roads, workers might not be able to catch the sounds of passing traffic entirely.

4. Accidents from machinery

Construction sites employ the use of heavy machinery, which is in turn, quite dangerous. This includes bulldozers and cranes, which can cause many injuries and fatalities when used improperly.

5. Overexertion

When workers work for too long under hot weather conditions, they can easily overexert, and this can even cause a heat stroke. This is why it is vital to give them frequent breaks so that they can relax and recharge.

6. Fires and explosions

Incomplete electrical wiring, leaking gases and unfinished piping are some of the leading causes of fires and explosions on a construction site. The best way to guard against any injuries during such occurrences is to wear safety gear and mount fire extinguishers strategically around the construction site.

7. Getting caught in between objects and items

Since there is a lot of machinery on a construction site, one could easily get entangled between them. This can cause serious injuries to an individual, such as losing a limb if they are not aware at all times.

8. Falling materials

Falling debris from heights can lead to head injuries, among other forms of injury. The best way to guard against falling materials is to use helmets and other headgear.

9. Slips, trips and falls

These are also on the leading end of construction accidents. Slips occur due to wet floors while trips and falls occur due to obstructions such as wires and loose chippings. Depending on how a worker lands on the ground, it could be dangerous or just a simple trip, slip or fall.

10. Electrocutions

This is especially the case with workers operating mainly electricity equipment. The risk of electrocution is a possibility that they face every day. However, protective equipment such as gloves can help them ensure that they are safer when doing their job.