Workshop To Enhance The Safety Of Crane Operations (WESCO)
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Workshop To Enhance The Safety Of Crane Operations (WESCO)

For Workshop To Enhance The Safety Of Crane Operations (WESCO)

This workshop is designed for MOM registered crane operators to raise their safety competencies in the operation of cranes e.g. Crawler Crane, Dockside Tower Crane, Mobile Crane (Truck Mounted), Tower Crane (Luffing Jib) and Tower Crane (Saddle Jib).

Learning objectives:
• State the legal requirements in lifting operation
• Explain safety precautions in crane operation
• Describe pre-operational checks on cranes and lifting gears
• Comply with safe work procedures
• Interpret load/capacity chart for cranes

Pre-Requisite : Obtained Valid Crane Operator License

Course Duration:
6 Hours inclusive of 1 hour assessment

Assessment Method:
Written test (for operator who renew their license for the 1st time)

Payment Modes:
at any of our 3 branches
Cheque made payable to Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd
PayNow to UEN 201110331W
Bank Transfer/GIRO details as below:

  • BANK NAME : United Overseas Bank Limited
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER : 450-302-829-2
  • ACCOUNT HOLDER : Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd
  • BANK CODE : 7375
  • BRANCH CODE : 001

Please remember to indicate booking number at the remarks column when payment is done by Paynow, Bank Transfer and/or GIRO.

All payment can be made on the day of course commencement at the reception counter. Cheque payment can be mailed to 79 Joo Koon Circle Singapore (629107) at least 3 working days prior to course commencement. Please remember to indicate the booking number at the back of the cheque. We do not accept foreign cheques and money orders.


Learners who have successfully completed the course will be conferred a safety pass issued by Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd