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About the Scholarship

The Wong Fong Academy Work-Study Scholarship (WSS) was inaugurated in 2022 with the purpose of providing a Job-Ready Workforce development program to ensure a pipeline of talents to support the training industry for the sectors which Wong Fong Academy supports.

Candidates who pass their application and gain full time employment with the academy will undergo a structured training program set by the respective Head of Departments in the tracks which they have chosen during their application.

This is a Work-Study Program, which means the candidates will be working while studying. Candidates will be remunerated with a salary during their employment with the company.

Work-Study Tracks

The following tracks are available for candidates to chose from corresponding to their interest. Wong Fong Academy offers

a) Adult Educator Track – Where candidates will eventually gain the knowledge, certifications and experience to be adult educator in their respective sectors. The sectors will include

• Workplace Safety and Health
• Food & Beverage
• Aerial Operations (Drones)
• Design, Media and Arts
• Info-Comm Technology

b) Management Trainee (Operations) Track – Where candidates will eventually gain the knowledge, certifications and experience to be positioned for management role in training centre operations

c) Management Trainee (Compliance) Track – Where candidates will eventually gain the knowledge, certifications and experience to be positioned for management role in training centre compliance and certifications

d) Management Trainee (Projects)Track – Where candidates will eventually gain the knowledge, certifications and experience to be positioned for management role handling of project based work and tender management

Candidates will be assigned to an experience Head of Department for apprenticeship as part of the program to gain in depth experience into their future roles.

Duration of Program

The duration of the program is 5 years. Candidates will be bonded to the company for a total of5 years from the starting date of their employment. The training courses which are assigned will be on a full-time basis unless not available.

Candidates are to complete at least 1 WSQ Diploma Program and 3 WSQ Certification Module Programs which will be arranged by the HOD as part of the structured training plan. The above program must be completed within the first 2 years of employment.

Wong Fong Academy reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for approving or rejecting any application, and to also reject any form of incomplete application or lack of submission of documentations.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants will be asseessed on

• Academic results and track record to co-curricular activities
• Articulation and persuasion skills
• Potential leadership qualities
• Potential to contribution to Singapore's training sector

Terms and Conditions


  • As part of the work-study program, you will be gainfully employed by the company under an employment contract subjected to the Employment Act of Singapore.
  • During your employment, you are to adhere to the general rules and regulations which will be highlighted to you during your induction program when you start work.
  • You are entitled to all the benefits in accordance to your employment contract and you are to adhere to the terms of the employment contract.


  • Your structured course will be arranged by your Head of Department or immediate supervisor. All structure course will be on a full-time basis unless not available. In the event that the course required is not available on a full-time basis or out of office hours, you are expected to attend and complete the classes in your own time without further claims.
  • You are to complete your studies within the time frame given as part of the scholarship contract. If you do not complete your studies within the timeframe given, it will be considered a breach of contract and you will be subjected to the removal clause. If in any case you will need to defer or retake your modules or course, this will be at your own cost.

Removal from Program

You will be removed from the program if

  • You do not complete your course in the timeframe given or have no reasonable explanation for the above event.
  • You were expelled, suspended or excluded from the whole or part of the program for academic failure
  • The company receives evidence that you have made any misrepresentation in respect of applying for the scholarship
  • The company is of the reasonable opinion that you have acted fraudulently or dishonestly during anytime of the program
  • That you do not meet the required expectations of your job role or any conditions of your employment
  • You willingly resign from the program or company on your own accord

Candidates are also allowed to pick 1 WSQ Diploma Program and 2 WSQ Certification Module Programs to their own interest after the completion of the structured training program. This program must be completed between the 3rd and 4thyear of employment.

The5th year will be the evaluation year for the candidate to be considered to future leadership role within the company. A new contract will be issued to the candidate who are eligible for future employment with the company. Likewise, the candidate can also choose not to continue employment with the company after the bond period finishes

Scholarship Value and Starting Salary

The value of scholarship for the study is worth an estimated SGD30,000. This will include all the tuition fees which will be paid for by the company.

The starting salary for employment will be offered at SGD 2,200.00 monthly which will be increased as part of the company’s structured increment exercise on a yearly basis. Candidates will be entitled to performance bonuses which will be dependant on their work performance and superior’s appraisal.

Candidates, as they are on full employment, will be covered under the Employment Act during the duration of their employment.

Conditions for Application

Candidates are to meet the following eligibility conditions for application

  1. Candidates must be Singaporean
  2. Candidates are to be 21 years and above
  3. Candidates must possess strong leadership qualities
  4. Candidates must be driven to excel in the tracks which they have taken interest in
  5. Candidates must possess good academic and CCA results
  6. Performed well and completed National Service (for males)
  7. Candidates must not be on other forms of financial assistance for any other institutions
  8. Candidates must not be on other forms of employment

Application Process

Candidates are to fill up the application form via a link or QR code in the advertisement. They are to submit the relevant documentations to Documents will include

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae
  2. Academic Results and Awards
  3. Record of Co-Curricular Activities
  4. Letter of recommendation from two referees (referees cannot be immediate relatives of the applicant)

Selection Process

Shortlist applicants are required to attend up to rounds of interviews. First with the Head of Department. Second will be the Director of School. The second interview will only commence upon recommendation by the Head of Department. Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome after all the interviews have been completed. All scholarship recipients must attend an award ceremony.

Repayment of Scholarship

Should any of the above events occurs, you will be liable to repay the monetary amount equating to the total value of your study scholarship. This will include all fees paid in full or part, completed or registered with confirmation and payment made.

Marketing and Promotions

You may be required to make yourself available at reasonable notice for any publicity and marketing campaigns which we may want to run in connection with our scholarship schemes, which may include but not be limited to public appearances, speeches, photographs, blogging and/tweeting or interviews.

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