Risk Assessment at Workplace
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Risk Assessment at Workplace

For Risk Assessment at Workplace

Risk Assessment Made Easy (1 Day course – For any industry)

Risk assessments are a legal requirement for identifying possible hazards and evaluating any inherent dangers in the workplace.
In this course you will be exposed to intensive case studies and examples to tackle hazards associated with your work activities.

(Please note that this course is not a bizSAFE 2 certification for RA Leader. To register for bizSAFE 2 classes, you may refer to https://www.wfa.edu.sg/courses/course_list/bizsafe_level_2_-_develop_a_risk_management_implementation_plan/0/0)

Recognized hazards in workplace & put solution into practice via 3 simple steps

Step 1 – Look for potential hazards
Step 2 – Decide what maybe the outcome & How likely it would happened
Step 3 – Evaluate the Risk and develop control measures

Exciting real life case studies, reasonable practice training with workable solutions

The course will cover:

- Basic knowledge and awareness of the WSH ACT & (Risk Management) Regulations
- Identify what could cause injury or illness in your business (hazards)
- Decide how likely it is that someone could be harmed and how seriously (the risk)
- Take action to eliminate the hazard, or if this isn't possible, control the risk
- Apply reasonably practical measures to control the risk based on Hierarchy of Control of hazards. 

Specially designed for:

- Risk Assessment members
- Safety Committee members
- Business owners
- Operation Managers
- Line Supervisors
- Team leaders
- WSH Executives
- WSH Co-ordinators

English WPLN Level 5 (Lower Secondary) or equivalent

The course will be conducted in English.

Payment Modes:
at any of our 3 branches
Cheque made payable to Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd
PayNow to UEN 201110331W
Bank Transfer/GIRO details as below:

  • BANK NAME : United Overseas Bank Limited
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER : 450-302-829-2
  • ACCOUNT HOLDER : Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd
  • BANK CODE : 7375
  • BRANCH CODE : 001

Please remember to indicate booking number at the remarks column when payment is done by Paynow, Bank Transfer and/or GIRO.

All payment can be made on the day of course commencement at the reception counter. Cheque payment can be mailed to 79 Joo Koon Circle Singapore (629107) at least 3 working days prior to course commencement. Please remember to indicate the booking number at the back of the cheque. We do not accept foreign cheques and money orders.

This course is applicable for SkillsFuture Funding up to 70%*

SkillsFuture course funding of 50% subsidy, with an additional 20% subsidy (up to 70% subsidy) for SMEs and Mid-career individuals (Singapore citizens above 40 years old) . Do note that the funding amount advised is not final and is subject to changes.

If you are a Singaporean aged 25 and above, you can choose to use your SkillsFuture Credit to offset the payment for this course. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website www.skillsfuture.sg/credit to choose from the wide range of approved skills-related courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.

Candidates who have completed and certified competent will receive a Statement Of Attainment

For any enquiries, please contact us at 8950 2605 (WhatsApp) or email us at consultancy@wfa.edu.sg.