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3 Simple Ways To Create A Safe And Secure Construction Site

3 Simple Ways To Create A Safe And Secure Construction Site

Mar 27 2020 at 12:31

An ongoing construction site is a place that is most prone to unforeseen incidents if the safety rules are not in place. There is a whole lot of machinery and equipment all working simultaneously and have to be in good condition so as to avoid any onsite accidents. The safety of the site has to be of primary importance to the managerial committee. A good site safety plan in place can help the company complete the project on time and ensure the safety of all workers until project completion.

This makes construction sites a dangerous place to work in, especially with the news of lives lost through sheer negligence when preparing a safety site plan. To help you out, here are 3 simple ways you can create a safe and secure construction site.

Work Site Assessment

The first thing that any site manager should be doing before his team starts working on a construction site is to assess the entire site. There are common reasons for how accidents can happen onsite. As such, the site manager has to ensure that the equipment and machines are in proper working condition before the team begins their daily work.

Proper signs have to be put up on the work site informing the team about fire and emergency protocols, first aid procedures and amenities which are available at the site. There should be a proper security team hired to monitor the site for 24 hours, including the entry and exit points of the construction site. The entry and exit points for the heavy vehicles and staff would be different to avoid any accidents. The site manager at the end of the day should check the entire site and taking into account what work has been completed and what work is required to be done the next day.

Training the Team

Training is an essential aspect for all jobs, even if employees have been through it before. Each construction site has its own rules and refresher training that is always welcome for old employees too. The team has to be made aware of all the safety protocols to follow, in the case of any unforeseen incidents that could happen when working on a construction site. The construction industry employs a large number of people worldwide where a lot of lives are lost due to negligence daily.

The new employees on the team have to be trained on the usage of equipment and clothing gear. This is also an excellent time to let the existing employees remain updated on current safety protocols. The training should be crisp and created in a simple format for any team to understand.

Providing Safe Gear

Each worker on the site has to wear proper clothing and safety gear so as to be able to carry out their daily work. This is because there are various chemicals, cement mixers and chemical solutions being present and used at construction sites.

The site manager has to ensure that the team is provided with proper protective gear when working on the site. Essential clothing such as long sleeve gloves, long rubber boots, helmets, safety glasses and anti-slippage footwear are some of the few crucial protective gear that the team cannot work without. The workers should also have protection in place for their hearing and breathing. It is of utmost importance that these workers understand construction safety with proper protection.