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4 Safety Measures All Construction Companies Need To Have

4 Safety Measures All Construction Companies Need To Have

Dec 09 2020 at 17:31

In Singapore, Ministry of Manpower released statistics that security guards, cleaners, drivers, and construction workers are most prone to injuries as they are involved in both minor and major injuries like trips, falls, and slips. It is important to note that at a construction site, workers are prone to accidents that may occur from negligence, lack of training, or not having the right safety measures in place.

There are many reasons why proper safety measures are essential at a construction site. It can prevent financial losses, ensure that the project is able to finish on time and that everyone working onsite can return home safely to their families. Hence, if you are looking to implement safety measures, they should fulfil the needs above.

If your company has yet to get started on carrying out any workplace safety measures, here are 4 key measures that all construction companies need to have.

1. Conduct regular meetings

By conducting regular meetings with other supervisors, superiors, or workers, you can better understand the situation on the ground. Supervisors can use the meeting to voice out any broken machinery or tool, lack of safety equipment, or ensure that every worker is well-equipped to handle their task.

During these meetings, you can also keep track of the number of accidents that are taking place and implement preventive measures so that they do not happen again.

2. Implement safety protocols

By implementing safety protocols, such as keeping the construction site tidy and to never start work without an induction, ensures that workers can carry out their tasks safely and effectively. Additionally, if you or a supervisor find that your staff are working attentively, you should reward them for their efforts using incentives. This can raise morale and productivity for your workers on-site as they continue to work cautiously.

At the same time, it’s important for them to be properly equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate equipment safely. And it is possible by educating oneself through a Work At Height course, for instance, as staff will be able to understand the various fall arrest systems and equipment.

3. Provide workers with proper safety equipment

A few common accidents that can take place include falling from heights, tripping, fire, and many others. Above all, one major concern for workers is the noise level when working at a construction site. This is because excessive noise can distract workers and even lead to long-term hearing disorders. One way you can safely prevent this from happening is to provide them with the appropriate equipment while working.

Apart from providing them with the appropriate safety equipment, you can also train them on how to effectively use the equipment, tool, and machinery so that accidents do not occur on-site.

4. Appoint workers with experience in their desired field

You should look to appoint workers who have experience in a particular field. For instance, when operating heavy and intricate machinery, experienced workers have the necessary training needed to excel in the task. While you would not put a new construction worker in-charge of these tasks, you can provide them with the necessary construction training they need so that they can be better equipped to operate them in the future.

By appointing workers with the required experience to operate these heavy pieces of machinery, you can reduce blunders at a construction site, which will lead to fewer accidents.