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5 Best Practices To Increase Construction Site Safety

5 Best Practices To Increase Construction Site Safety

Oct 30 2020 at 12:52

Construction work is considered as one of the riskiest professions in the world. However, with the right safety precautions and protection, this risk can be reduced significantly.

By putting in place the right safety precautions and protection for construction workers, construction sites will be able to ensure the safety of construction workers and protect them against accidents and injuries. The injuries that these safety precautions can prevent include fatalities, falls, and more.

With many occupational hazards present, here are the 5 best practices you should implement to increase construction site safety.

1. Create awareness

While some construction workers and employees may have a basic understanding of the hazards that are involved at a construction site, it is vital that they are aware of how to prevent these hazards. The best way is to create awareness of the possible hazards and how construction workers and employees can prevent and avoid them.

This awareness can reduce the injury risk workers and employees at construction sites, and ensure that they know the right safety precautions to protect themselves effectively.

2. Offer safety training

By providing essential safety courses to construction workers, they will be further prepared and educated on the right steps on-site. One way to provide safety training is to offer training by a professional firm at the construction site.

By making safety training mandatory for every construction worker, they will be better equipped with the resources and safety tips to ensure that they can work safely at on-site. It is also vital that construction workers and employees who do not have the necessary training go through it so that they can continue to stay safe and protected when working on-site.

3. Provide all the necessary equipment

At a construction site, it is crucial that the necessary workplace equipment, apart from machines and tools, are provided. This includes personal protective equipment (PPEs), such as helmets, boots, reflector jackets, gloves, face masks, and others. It is also essential for workers to undergo proper training on how to use these machines and tools on a construction site. While the workers may have already known about how to operate the equipment, a refresher course can help to remind them of the safety precautions.

It is essential to ensure that the construction site has ample protective equipment for all workers and employees. It is also vital to note that the PPEs provided need to have the ability to undergo any harsh conditions.

4. Have designated machine handlers

Safety training will not only ensure that certified professionals are equipped to handle the heavy machinery at a construction site, but it also ensures that they are the right people to do so. Majority of the fatal accidents that occur at construction sites happen due to negligence from using machinery. This includes the process of getting onto and off machinery, which can cause serious injuries or even fatalities when workers and employees do not have the proper training to operate these machines.

5. Know the necessary first aid measures

Anything can happen on a construction site. Thus, it is imperative to have first aid equipment ready. In addition, every construction worker and employee should be trained on the basics regarding first aid equipment. This will prepare them in the events of an accident and understand the steps to take for the injured individual requiring immediate medical attention. They will have the know-how and understand what to do in such situations, which can potentially save the life of the injured individual.