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5 Key Practices To Improve Construction Site Safety

5 Key Practices To Improve Construction Site Safety

Mar 30 2020 at 16:46

Working at construction sites is amongst one of the most hazardous land-based occupations. The organisation at times overlooks safety at these sites. Sometimes, accidents can be life-threatening. The responsibility for providing construction safety falls on the shoulders of higher authorities. They must ensure that their employees are making use of the appropriate equipment or if they realise that their employees are finding it too difficult to complete a task, they should organise specific workshops to provide information regarding the usage of the equipment and the machinery. 

Apart from these workshops, practices should be taken into consideration and implemented. Here are 5 essential practices that can improve construction site safety. 

1. Training

Training should be a key part of ensuring the safety of employees in the workplace. Most importantly, higher authorities should look to ensure that their employees are safe from the territories of the workplace. They should train the existing employees as well as the new ones regarding standard safety. The workers should be tasked to undergo proper training sessions on security practices, such as the awareness about the possible hazards that may occur. Through this first training session, a worker will be able to know more about what safety measures to take.

Before considering the condition of an injured worker and taking them to the hospital, several immediate measures can be taken to provide necessary aid and reduce panic. As such, imparting first aid kit knowledge is a must.

2. Supervision

Supervisors play an essential role in ensuring whether proper safety measures are being taken. Every construction site must have a strong supervisor who is willing and capable enough to keep an eye on the employees. They should keep track of day to day actions of the employees and correct those who are not following safety procedures that should be followed at a construction site.

They operate as the leader, keeping everyone intact so that the goals and targets set by the company can be achieved. This way, they can eliminate the disruptions that may arise due to accidents. By creating a safe working environment, the employees will be able to focus on their work.

3. Awareness

Awareness about many things at a construction site is essential. The employees should be aware of the possible hazards that may occur. Recognising the risk and working in a perpetual state of wariness is the best way to eliminate accidents. To avoid the possibilities of accidents, the organisation, including the employees working in it, should be aware of the risks.

The higher authorities of an organisation should ensure that the employees working at the construction site are aware of the risks that may arise while working and should protect their employees from these risks. Henceforth, it is absolutely necessary for an employee to go through adequate training before they start work at a construction site. Gaining sufficient experience also plays a part in one’s own safety.

4. Communication

Lack of communication can sometimes lead to frequent misunderstandings. At a construction site, accidents are more likely to occur because subordinates do not communicate with their employees. There are many ways to enforce communication, such as walkie-talkies, smartphone devices and more.

It is the responsibility of the staff members to ensure that the work assigned to the workers are being communicated properly, keeping in mind the measures that should be taken at the construction site.

5. Transparency

Hiding accidents that have taken place at a construction site is sometimes the worst thing an organisation can do. If there is transparency between the public and the organisation, then various safety measures can be taken as a result whereby the choice of working at the construction site lies in the hands of the employee.