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5 Ways You Can Reinforce The Observance Of Workplace Safety

5 Ways You Can Reinforce The Observance Of Workplace Safety

Apr 21 2021 at 08:51

Given the busy and hectic nature of a construction site in Singapore and the materials that are being used, dangers and hazards can easily be encountered. And once an unfortunate situation arises, it affects the entire workforce.

That’s why workplace safety must be observed as much as possible. But given the demand that workers often have to deal with, they can easily be carried away by their respective tasks and end up compromising not only their own safety, but also of the entire establishment as well.

Hence, the reason why safety in the workplace should be promoted. Read on to know of the various safety measures to ensure safe working conditions for employees.

1. Come up with a comprehensive safety plan

The wellbeing of a construction site’s workers lies in the responsibility of their manager or supervisor. As a person with such big responsibility, you should strategise a plan to help your workers avoid anything that can pose a potential hazard – this safety plan will serve as your workers’ path or direction towards effectively delivering their tasks in a safe manner.

But if the workplace does happen to find itself in an unavoidable emergency situation, this plan will also serve as a guide to help your workers evacuate safely.

2. Provide your workers with necessary information and/or training

A path does nothing if the person doesn’t know how to use his feet. The same goes with your safety plan – if your workers are not aware of the risks that the safety plan is trying to keep them away from, the efforts are futile. It’s best that your workers are well-aware of the health and physical hazards that are present in the workplace by providing them with materials that they can learn from, or perhaps a training on workplace safety.

In that case, you can consider encouraging your employees to sign up for safety training, depending on their line of work. For example, if the work you do is more focused on metalwork - the Apply Workplace Safety and Health In Metalwork course is suitable for your staff.  It is a 9-hour training course driven to help construction workers comply with various safety standards, as well as to inform them of the risks that they are exposing themselves when handling metalworks. This will help your workers do their job and at the same time look out after themselves.

3. Keep safety equipment in-check

A solid safety plan is only impactful if workers are fully aware of the potential risks and the appropriate safety measures, they’ll be well-equipped to take on any task.

For example, it’s important to be aware of possible consequences such as compromised safety while working at a high altitude due to faulty harnesses, and missing equipment like a welder’s helmet to provide their eyesight.  Every one of the equipment that your staff is supposed to have while on the job plays a crucial role to maintaining their safety. And as such, is the reason why your workers should have the right equipment so that they can safely execute their tasks.

4. Establish a routine checking of the entire workplace

Some emergencies and safety hazards are unforeseen, such as the ones caused by forces of nature. No amount of preventive measures can stop them from happening, but you can mitigate the possible damage by making sure the establishment is always prepared.

So, ensure to regularly check the workplace thoroughly for various preventive measures, such as: fire extinguishers, sprinklers work, fire exits, and so forth.

5. Remind your workers of their responsibility

No amount of safety equipment can ever remedy a worker who goes about his job haphazardly, posing a threat to the entire workplace.

That’s why as a person with authoritative power, you should see to it that all of your workers are reminded of their responsibility to observe safety precautions in their respective areas because one simple mistake can not only cause some delay but also compromise everyone’s safety.