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6 Construction Safety Facts To Share With Your Employees

6 Construction Safety Facts To Share With Your Employees

Nov 03 2020 at 15:18

Safety is a high priority at a construction site. This is why many supervisors and construction site staff are advised to enhance and promote safety in their workplaces.

Sometimes, it is imperative to provide your staff with concrete facts and data about safety to help them understand it much more effectively. When you are in charge of a construction site, it is critical to carry out all safety measures and to guard against accidents, injuries, and fatalities. You should also remind your workers about the results of not maintaining safety precautions. While you look to supervise safe lifting and other risky operations on a construction site, here are 6 important construction safety facts to share with your staff.

1. Surviving a construction accident doesn’t mean that it is the end

Remind your staff that the chance of getting injured during a construction accident is high. Should they survive, they might even have to live with certain disabilities for the rest of their lives. For instance, when an accident happens to their limbs, the affected worker might have to live with a disability that could see them walk with a crutch or a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. However, this all depends on the severity of their accident and the extent of the injury.

It is important to note that some of these accidents can be avoided. For example, losing hearing capabilities is something workers can avoid by actively using ear muffs. By practising safety precautions, your workers can ensure that these accidents do not occur, and do not have to face lasting consequences because of it.

2. Workers are at the greatest risk of injury

No particular role in construction is completely safe. While staff roles such as carpenters and supervisors may also come into contact with dangers such as falling objects at a construction site, casual labourers are at the highest risk of being injured while working.

This is why construction workers require effective protective gear to prevent accidents.

3. Electrocutions account for 9% of workplace deaths

In the construction industry, electricians face a significant risk in their role. Most electrocutions occur due to lack of protective gear, misusing equipment, and getting into contact with power lines. Thus, always ensure that they have the equipment they need, as well as the required safety training to ensure that they are protected properly.

4. About two deaths occur every day in the construction industry

This number is a small quotation of the real incidents that happen on the ground. On average, two construction staff pass away due to occupational hazards that they face while on-site. This number could grow to be even higher, especially with how many construction jobs there are present every day.

5. Falls pose the biggest threat to construction workers

Working at heights is extremely dangerous in the construction sector. This makes falls the leading cause of fatalities in construction. Failure to observe proper safety precautions while working at heights can raise the risk of accidents for workers.

6. New construction workers are at the highest risk of injuries

New construction workers are often most likely to face accidents when working on-site. One way to prevent this is to ensure that they receive sufficient safety training, and that they have the required experience and equipment to work safely on-site.