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Construction Workplace Made Safer: A Quick And Easy Guide

Construction Workplace Made Safer: A Quick And Easy Guide

Apr 20 2020 at 16:56

No matter what job is assigned to you, the risk at your workplace must be reduced. A company should understand the difference between taking safety measures and maintaining them. Organizing a couple of workshops and putting up posters isn’t enough. Maintaining a safe environment for the employees will make them engrossed in their work, thereby increasing productivity. Prevention is better than cure. Just by considering some measures, an organization can acquire a lot of benefits.

The higher authorities of a company should ensure that proper safety measures are taken for the benefits of the employees. Here are a couple of simple safety measures that can be taken to make the working environment safer for employees.

1. Educating employees

The company must train all the employees regarding the safety measures that they can take while working. The entire scenario should be conducted in the language which is understood to them. The employees need to know their rights in a construction site.

2. Reduce stress

Workshops can be organized regularly so that each employee gets ample chances to participate actively. In this way, the stress level of employees can be greatly reduced.

Another alternative can be to organize parties on the completion of projects so that employees can eliminate the stress that they were taking and start afresh with a new project.

3. Recognize the risk

It should be the responsibility of everyone ranging from the lower authority to the higher authorities to recognize the risks that are prevalent at a workplace and play an essential role in maintaining construction safety.

The common factors like location of the workplace, shifts or time duration, equipment used by the employees and kinds of injuries should be considered. Proper measures should be then taken to eliminate these factors.

4. Give employees breaks

If an employee is not given adequate breaks, then issues like stress, overall condition of the employee and its negative impact on the organization may arise. Some organizations believe that just by making their employees work 24/7, they can achieve productivity, but that is not the case. Breaks should be given to employees to re-charge themselves for the rest of the day.

5. Ensure employees are well-trained

Proper training should be provided to the employees regarding the equipment that they will be using while doing their job. A manual guide should be given to each employee so that they can refer to it while working with the machinery.

6. A fire extinguisher at the workplace

Fires are another potential hazard, and to combat it you would require fire extinguishers. You should seek to have fire extinguishers present at the workplace where employees are working, and where they can easily find it.

7. Give appropriate equipment to employees

Employees should be given necessary equipment that suits the job assigned to them. Apart from this, a proper session should be conducted by occupational health and safety consultants with vast knowledge about the equipment that is there at the workplace. With educated employees that are guided well, they will be able to handle the equipment better. 

8. Formation of a safety committee

A safety committee should be formed so that the issues that employees are facing at times regarding their safety can be addressed.

9. Construction of fire escape routes

Fire escape routes should be constructed so that it will become easy for employees to escape in case of emergency.

10. Terminate potential hazards

All the causes of injuries should be recognized, and several steps should be taken for the prevention of such risks. Although, the higher authorities are responsible for ensuring that appropriate safety measures are taken, the employees themselves should also work towards keeping in mind the instructions that are given to them.