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Effective Ways Of Promoting Employee Productivity

Effective Ways Of Promoting Employee Productivity

Feb 27 2020 at 11:44

Every business owner yearns to hire the best workers in their company. You may have attained qualified and hardworking staff, but not see that directly translated to sales and returns just yet. There may be an array of factors that are contributing to that. You could encourage productivity in your office by:

Communicating well

It is important for your staff to know what you require of them. They should be able to tell you whether there is anything amiss. You may not be able to deal with all of your staff, especially if it a huge organization, hence the need to have structures that will facilitate that. You can appoint supervisors and managers at your workplace so that employees are able to interact with them and so they can help out if any issues arise. The supervisors can report to the managers and the managers to you so that you don't have a bulk of complaints all at once overwhelming you. This can help the employees increase their productivity simply because of effective workplace communication.

Effective equipment

Your staff needs the appropriate equipment for maximum productivity. An office needs to have a photocopier machine, computers, scanners and telephones. If you own a factory, all the machinery needs to work smoothly so that the employees won't have a hard time operating them.

If there is any faulty equipment, have it repaired immediately and if not, order a new one so that the work can continue without any glitches. Your employees’ safety should be a priority, so ensure that you acquire a Singapore forklift license.

Have a conducive work environment

The staff will not be able to accomplish much if they are unhappy at work. This may be brought on by many factors like insensitivity in the workplace. The workers may feel that the organization doesn't take their needs into consideration. This can stem from issues like not getting compensations whenever they do over time, or restrooms in terrible condition with the management not doing anything. Their supervisors or managers may even be treating them badly or not giving them due credit. Stigmatization of any kind, whether it is because of color, race or even disability is also a concern.  As an employer, you need to look at all these factors. If you normally have food prepared for your employees, then eat with them once in a while and see if the food is well made or not. Put in place measures that will deal will employees’ harassment at work be it sexually or otherwise.


Giving out rewards and incentives can be a huge morale booster for a lot of people. Even though they need to give their best so as to not get fired, dangling an incentive or two can make them give 100% instead of just 90%. You should also promote people that really deserve it, based on merit.

This will push the rest to work hard so that they can also advance further. Be sure to make time to listen to your staff’s complaints and try your level best to have them sorted out.