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How Investing In A Safety Supervisor Can Improve Workplaces

How Investing In A Safety Supervisor Can Improve Workplaces

Dec 20 2023 at 08:14

Various industries carry many occupational risks that safety measures and rules can prevent. However, safety culture is more than just rules and regulations to be enforced. Many workplaces nowadays employ safety supervisors to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

A competent safety supervisor can bring many other benefits to improve a workplace besides reducing accident risk. Not just another pair of eyes, safety supervisors serve a big role in worker welfare and workplace conditions.

Let’s explore how investing in a safety supervisor can improve your workplace in some less obvious but still significant ways.


Boost employee morale and cultivate a positive and safer work environment

The mere presence of a safety supervisor can improve workplace morale – having somebody employed to look out for their safety and advise them on workplace risks can help workers feel seen and cared for. These perks, combined with the safety advice, do provide a sense of reassurance and physical security that bolster staff morale.

By enabling employees to feel cared for and their safety concerns addressed at work, you build a positive perception of your business as an employer. Being willing to invest in a safety supervisor, and by extension, employee safety, is one major virtue respected and appreciated by many employees.


Ensure smoother audits and authority checks

Many industries undergo various safety checks and audits in order to stay certified to operate. With the help of a safety supervisor, businesses can ensure their continued good standing and well-being by preparing their workplaces to meet changing safety standards imposed by the relevant government bodies.

Safety supervisors also ensure workplaces stay safe and compliant with safety standards all year round, allowing businesses to stay ever-ready for a surprise audit or safety check. This translates to an overall safer working environment that also carries the usual benefits of reduced work accident rates.


Spot less obvious safety hazards

Safety hazards come in all forms and can exist in many different areas of a workplace. Such safety hazards are often only identified after a work accident, and it can be difficult to find a complete solution that can prevent repeat accidents from happening.

A safety supervisor can help build a safer workplace by identifying hazards that are less obvious and reducing the risk of accidents in ways many businesses are unable to spot. With the right risk management and rectification, your business can stand to benefit from the much lower rate of accident occurrence and improved employee confidence in their working conditions.



With training courses such as the Applied Workplace Safety And Health In Process Plant (AWSHPP) and Occupational First Aid (OFA) to further improve safety supervisor competence and skill set, investing in one becomes much more viable and beneficial for your business.

Looking to upskill your safety supervisor? Wong Fong Academy (WFA) offers both Occupational First Aid and AWSHPP courses in Singapore, alongside many other courses aimed at improving workplace safety. With over 12 years of experience leading the Continued Education and Training (CET) sector for professionals in countless industries, WFA is a proven training centre that provides learning opportunities through the use of technology and innovation.