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How To Prevent Electrical Accidents At Construction Sites

How To Prevent Electrical Accidents At Construction Sites

Aug 31 2020 at 16:49

Working in construction sites with exposure to electricity poses a considerable risk to the lives of construction workers. To ensure that your workers are safe at all times, here are a few safety measures that can prevent your workers from electrocution.

Provide Personal Protection

Before taking on any other safety precaution, every worker at the construction site must be directly protected against electrical mishaps. The kind of personal protection required for every worker depends on the potential exposures. The two most basic safety materials that they need are proper gloves and footwear.

If they are more likely to be vulnerable against electricity, they will need additional protection such as eyewear, helmet and earmuffs.

Use Cord Protectors

One of the ways to protect your workers against electrocution is the use of extension outlets strips and cords. To provide further protection, you may also choose to use cord protectors or cable covers. The use of floor cable protectors can also help to ensure that they are visible for every worker working on the construction site.

It is essential that your workers are able to have a clear view of all the cords before releasing power to an electric line.

Equip Your Workers With Testing Equipment

Your workers should never handle any electrical equipment if they do not have the required knowledge on how to use it. With electrical power testing equipment, they will have the right protection against any potential deadly shock. At the construction site, you can equip it with voltage detectors, receptacle testers and clamp meters so that each worker will have some knowledge of what to expect on-site.

Use Voltage Regulators and Circuit Breakers

These two equipment are critical safety pieces that seek to curb the problems before they get worse. Surge protectors such as a circuit breaker can immediately shut off construction site power supply in the case of any emergency. A voltage regulator, on the other hand, prevents the equipment from being damaged due to an electrical surge. The economic cost that comes with hardware destroyed due to the result of electrically-related damages can be vital.

Understand Equipment Use

The use of electrical equipment in construction sites make work easier for construction workers. However, the mishandling of this equipment could be hazardous. Before letting the workers use any electrical equipment, you should have them undergo proper construction training. Ensure that they understand what they should do and what they should not do when handling such equipment.

You should also ensure that every worker that works around such electrical equipment has proper knowledge of its use, and have gone through safety courses that entail proper safety precautions.

Assess Risks At Construction Sites

Before starting any construction work, a comprehensive risk assessment should be drawn so that you understand any potential risk that you are facing. By doing so, you can take the necessary steps to protect your workers from potential risks. You will also have a better knowledge of which hazards you should look out for and how to further prevent them.


Electrocution is an unfortunate yet common thing in most construction sites. You should keep your workers safe as much as possible, such as having them go through the right education to receive an occupational health and safety certificate and prevent electrical risks from happening at sites. Safety training is essential, so always keep your workers properly educated on such dangers and accidents.