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Importance Of Staying Alert In Fostering Construction Safety

Importance Of Staying Alert In Fostering Construction Safety

Mar 10 2020 at 15:09

Being alert of your surroundings at a construction site can help boost safety. This is because construction sites are highly prone to risks and dangers. The most common reason for accidents to occur at construction sites is due to negligence. Therefore, maintaining a clear and precise focus while working on a construction site is mandatory. Any slight deviation in your attention can cost you a lot of trouble.

Here are some of the typical accidents that take place on a construction site and, how being observant is an essential preventive measure:

1. Falls 

Falls are some of the most common accidents taking place on a construction site. They also fall under the most significant cause of fatalities in the construction sector. Many will argue that several factors play a part in falls, including inconsistent footing, the lack of ideal protective equipment, and also human error. Human error is among the highest contributors to falls. 

Human errors occur due to a lack of observation and focus. Some instances include the minute you change your attention from the work you are doing to maybe, getting a hold of your phone. Accidents can happen in a split second. Therefore, it is important to avoid any form of distractions, especially if you are working on a construction site. This is why most employers prohibit the use of phones when working, as this leads to a change of focus; hence, the occurrence of possible accidents such as falls.

2. Burns 

Three main types of burns can take place in a construction zone – chemical, electrical, and sunburns. Out of the three, chemical and electrical burns are the most undesirable and can be sustained through human error. Unfortunately, many people are not observant when working in a construction zone. For instance, one might fail to notice a sign on the wall, cautioning him or her of a possible chemical or electrical danger. This is mainly due to negligence and lack of concentration, which again points us back to being observant. When you fail to focus on construction safety, you will fall prey to accidents and injuries.

As a worker, ensure that you read every sign you see, observe and follow the advice stated. Even a simple wet floor sign can save you from slips or falls. The electrical or chemical hazard signs are mostly in red and in a triangle form, which makes them too conspicuous to ignore. Keep your eyes open and your mind alert every second you are on a construction site. 

3. Injuries from tool misuse 

It is imperative to use the right tool for the specified operation. Using a pair of pliers to drive nails into wood works perfectly well. However, is that the right tool to apply for the job? Use a hammer instead, and a pair of pliers only where it is intended. Besides, it will not cost you much to be observant of simple rules. You may be lucky to get away with tool misuse at times; however, you will not always be that fortunate. 

4. Injuries due to improper clothing

As an employer, you need to make sure that your workers put on the right sets of protective equipment when working. If you are unable to ensure this personally, you should appoint a supervisor to assist with this task. Observation of workers as they operate on the site is mandatory. It may help prevent a significant fault that would have led to a tragic accident.

In addition, you can also seek advice from environmental management system consultants on how to ensure that your work area is kept safe and secured for everyone.