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Keep It Clean: How A Clean Worksite Is A Safe Worksite

Keep It Clean: How A Clean Worksite Is A Safe Worksite

May 29 2020 at 11:56

Due to the nature of work, you might not think that a construction site can be a clean place. Definitely, it won’t be as clean as, say, an indoor office; however, a construction site can also be kept organised and mess-free. Truth is, cleanliness at a worksite should not be overlooked because it can affect the efficiency and safety of the work. This is how a clean worksite contributes to a better working environment:

Prevents accidents

Keeping the worksite in an orderly state can help to prevent accidents. For example, there will be fewer chances to trip over stray tools on the ground. Many accidents do occur due to simple lapses like spilt liquids on the ground causing a slipping hazard. Attending a construction safety course can educate workers on the kind of things they should be looking out for around the workplace. Workers should develop a system to organise their tools, equipment and materials, and clear them away when not in use.

Reduces illnesses

A construction site is usually already dusty and dirty due to the materials and process involved. This puts workers at risk of coming down with conditions such as respiratory problems or skin irritation. Thus, further risks should be reduced by keeping the worksite as clean as possible. This means not having stagnant water lying around to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes, and taking care to keep food and drinking water separate from the dirty areas of the worksite. As far as possible, the worksite should be kept clean enough to not be a breeding ground for pests and contaminants.

Increases the performance of workers 

When your worksite is clean, your workers are likely to stay more healthy, thus reducing the chances of absenteeism due to illness. Therefore, a hygienic workplace can help to upkeep the performance of your workers. From another perspective, a tidy worksite can also improve the efficiency of your workers. When equipment and tools are kept in an organised manner, your employees can work better as they can locate what they need quickly. Of course, a clean worksite will also reflect better on your company, making your workers feel happier to work for you.

Helps to avoid loss of tools and equipment

An organised worksite will help workers keep track of their equipment, tools, and materials. This reduces the chance of losing their tools, and the time wasted looking for them. Ideally, there should be a system in place to arrange the necessary items near the work area, and a storage space to stash other materials that are not currently in use. This way, everyone can easily locate what they need, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

Indeed, a clean construction site is vital to maintaining the safety and efficiency of your workplace. You can find out more about how to keep your workplace clean and tidy in the bizSAFE level 2 course. Make it a point to keep your worksite clean from today onwards!