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Safety 101: Using The Right Equipment In Construction

Safety 101: Using The Right Equipment In Construction

Apr 16 2020 at 17:37

It is a common occurrence for people to utilize tools that are not originally meant for usage in such a particular way. While it may work for you, the end doesn't necessarily justify the means. Accidents and injuries sometimes arise due to the use of tools unfit for the job. This is why it is vital to use the right equipment to enhance construction safety in the workplace So, the next time you think of using that hammer or screwdriver in the wrong manner, remember that you are not only making work harder for yourself but also increasing your likelihood of sustaining injuries.

An attempt to improvise a tool for a function that it is not meant for can end in tragedy. In essence, indiscriminate tool usage is a remedy for disaster if you are not careful. Most of such safety precautions are covered under bizsafe level 2. Various entities in Singapore offer lessons in this course and later award certificates to individuals. You can take advantage of these certifications to improve your safety awareness and skills as a construction worker.

While working on-site, you may have made use of a tool at one time or another that isn't meant for a particular job and gotten away with it. However, it is imperative to note that this may not be the case every single time you do so. An accident or injury doesn't happen at the same place all the time. Therefore, you might think you're safe—only to end up nursing wounds and counting your losses after a momentary slip of the hand. The first rule of safety in any construction site is to use the right tool. The wrong tool can easily snap off and end in a disaster. Here are a few reasons that might give you the impetus to use the right tool:

Prevents injuries and accidents

Although cases whereby a loss of life resulting from the use of wrong tools are minimal and rare, it is still worth noting the importance of making use of the right tool. Aside from the loss of life, there are several other effects that can be accrued from using the wrong device. One example is injury and accidents. Several unnecessary and easily avoidable accidents take place on a construction site due to improper tool usage. It would be quite unfortunate to end up hospitalized due to such negligence. Sometimes, the injury may be so grave that one is forced to lose a body part. Such a drastic incident can be averted by using a device only where it is fit to be used.

Saves on numerous costs

In the case of an accident resulting from misused tools, you are bound to incur several charges that will lead to many losses. For instance, you may be forced to answer to the injured and later replace the machine that got destroyed in that process. Why end up in such an easily preventable situation? By using the correct tool, you stand to save on such loses and unnecessary costs.

Helps to improve the longevity of tools

You may have the most up-to-date equipment on your construction site, but if you don't maintain them well, you'll be left with reduced productivity. To increase the durability of any tool, you need to use it only for the purpose intended. The wrong usage of tools can destroy them and render them useless. When machines are in good working condition, this ensures the safety of workers.


To conclude, the aforementioned are the reasons why you should use the right tool in the exact place it is intended. It doesn’t cost you much to do this right and will keep you out of harm’s way.