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Site Safety Inspections: Everything That You Need To Know

Site Safety Inspections: Everything That You Need To Know

Dec 01 2020 at 11:34

Safety inspections are standard practice for most industries and sectors. The construction industry is no exception.

Most construction sites adhere to periodic site safety inspections. However, others are not yet ready to adapt to this rule. Some might ask, what is even the need for such safety inspections in the first place? One of the major reasons is to ensure that health and safety are enhanced and provided on a construction site. To ensure better workplace safety in Singapore, here are some of the reasons regular inspections are needed at a construction site.

1. Identify any problems beforehand

The statement that 'prevention is better than cure' is essential in the construction industry, where every worker's safety is vital. Site safety inspections can help to identify any possible problems before any accidents or fatality occur. A considerable percentage of accidents, which can lead to severe injuries and fatalities, originally started as small problems. 

By identifying the problems early, accidents and fatalities can be prevented.

2. Keeps people organised

Site safety inspections help construction workers and the supervisors of a construction site to stay organised. The preparation of safety inspection in itself requires proper organisation from the staff. Without it, the inspection will not be able to go through successfully.

During a site safety inspection, different faults and problems identified in the due process can help workers to stay better organised. They can begin to change on certain safety practices, equipment, and remove any items that create disorder on site.

3. Gives accreditation

Being an accredited construction company or site is something to be proud of. It also offers you peace of mind knowing too well that you aren’t failing to obey any safety rules and regulations.

Most inspectors will award a certificate after finding out that the site meets all the set standards required in a construction site. Having such a certificate will also give everyone the confidence to work safely on site.

4. Gives staff more confidence

As stated earlier, site safety inspections ensure that your workers have the encouragement and confidence to work safely on site. Most employees would be fearful when operating machinery that hasn’t undergone inspection. However, if the machinery has gone through the necessary inspection, then they can work with full confidence knowing that the equipment is fully operational and does not have any problems. 

5. Shows accountability

With site safety inspections, your staff will be held accountable to ensure that all of the equipment, tools, and machinery are working as intended. As there is a written record, accountability will be in place for your staff to perform their roles according to the required standards.

6. Helps to create a good routine

Safety inspections take place regularly. It is important to fit in these inspections into the routine at a construction site. For instance, if the safety inspection takes place annually, you should ensure that documents, equipment and tools are prepared before the inspection takes place. This can also create a good routine of ensuring safety at a construction site.

7. Cultivates discipline

Nobody wants to fail in the safety inspection. Thus, it helps to cultivate and maintain discipline amongst construction workers and their supervisors in keeping the site safe at all times. This ensures that safety is continuously promoted and that everyone can play a part in creating a safer workplace.