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Steps To Better Prepare For A Construction Site Safety Plan

Steps To Better Prepare For A Construction Site Safety Plan

Jun 29 2020 at 15:40

Every safety plan needs to be planned in advance so that you can implement them much more easily. The complexity of the safety plan goes along with the complexity of the project in equal measure. Therefore, all of the tasks found in a project should be evaluated independently to find out all the present hazards.

Some workplace hazards can be predictable while others are not. You need to tackle the predictable ones while seeking to enforce sufficient measures and prevent unpredictable hazards from taking place. You should also assign all the significant duties in the safety plan, including the role that handles an emergency and how he or she does it.

An appropriately and thoroughly prepared construction site safety plan will help you to bolster construction safety for you and your workers. Here are a few tips on how you can better prepare for your construction site safety plan. 

1. Assign the safety representative

This is the supervisor to whom every worker reports to in case of any emergency. The appointed supervisor should have gone through relevant safety courses, including first aid training, and accident management and control. He or she should also verify and ascertain the workers’ compliance with the set guidelines on safety.

2. Cover medical treatment

It is important to assist a role for emergency medical cases. The role should highlight how the medical practitioners will be summoned and where the emergency services will be given. In such cases, an insurance coverage will be help to defray any cost incur.

3. Factor in safety inspections

Safety inspections help to foresee the future and prevent accidents from taking place. Point out the supervisor that will be in charge of performing regular safety inspections and make sure that all faults are noted and rectified.

4. Performance of continuous safety training

Safety training is an ongoing process on a construction site for new measures set by authorities. You need to include it in the safety plan and indicate how often it is carried out in the company. It should also include information on who is offering the training and their experience. See courses available for different roles on continuous training.

5. Proper housekeeping

Neatness and order in any workplace are mandatory. Most of the slips, trips and falls on a construction site occur due to the lack of proper housekeeping. Therefore, it would be imperative to include who handles the cleaning and how often he or she does it.

6. Protective personal equipment (PPE)

The use of PPE is mandatory on a construction site. Therefore, you need to include in the plan the types of PPEs to be used and who receives each one of them. You will also need to include who becomes responsible for enforcing the use of PPEs and how to replace such PPEs.

7. Reports on accidents

In the plan, indicate that all accidents, no matter the extent or severity, should be reported to the supervisor. The supervisor should then have the accidents reports in separate files. It is best to outline who will carry out the investigation on the accident.

8. Fire protection

Fires are quite common on construction sites and preventive measures should be set in to prevent fire hazards. Outline the fire protection equipment required in the safety plan and some of the precautions to take in the case of any fire outbreak.