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Tips To Ensure Your Employees Are Protected When On Site

Tips To Ensure Your Employees Are Protected When On Site

Apr 24 2020 at 14:59

Safety is a major concern in any working environment and should be observed at all times. As an employer, you may not be able to always make sure that the safety measures in check are followed and, hence, the need for the workers to be responsible as well.

A few things that you can do to make your workers safer on the site are like.

Give them the right protective gear

A construction site normally has a lot of materials, machinery, and equipment. It is important that you provide them with the right protective gear so that they don't get hurt while working. Some of the protective gear may include helmets, to prevent anything from falling on their heads and hurting or knocking them out. Work gloves that will keep their hands from bruising when they are picking up debris. Work footwear that will protect their feet in case they accidentally step on anything sharp in the debris. Eye goggles that will keep small pieces of dirt from hurting their eyes are another essential equipment they should have.

You may also provide overalls that they will wear when on site. Giving them protective gear is not enough, have your site supervisor ensure that they have them on before they begin working every single day. Whoever doesn't have protective gears on should not be allowed in the construction site until they observe construction safety regulations.

Have regular inspections of the facility and the equipment used

You should avoid a scenario that leads to getting sued by your workers simply because the tools that they are using are faulty. You need to have the machinery regularly checked to make sure that everything on site is in good working order. You may feel like hiring experts to do this will be an added unnecessary expense, but it may save you a lot of money in the long run. Environmental management system consultants can assist you with the inspections.

Create a stress-free environment

Whenever there is tension in an environment, the staff tends to get wound up and make more mistakes that could have been avoided. You should have a way of talking with your employees in a way that makes them comfortable too. Listen to them whenever they have a complaint and do the best you can to make their working conditions favourable to everyone. In case one of them messes up, then find an amicable way of sorting it out without instilling fear to the rest of the workers. You should also be considerate of the hours that they work. A tired employee will be less sufficient and likely to endanger their lives and those of their colleagues should they have to operate machinery or work in dangerous places.

Train them on safety

You should also educate them on how to observe safety whenever they are on the construction site. They should learn not to handle naked electrical wires around the site. In case an accident occurs, it is important to investigate it and put precautions up so that it there is no repetition. Any time an issue arises, note it down and then have it fixed immediately so that you avoid any accidents or incidents that may arise. Keeping your employees safe and feeling protected is one of the pillars in a strong business excellence framework.